Opening Credits Placement

Three Major Sponsor Positions are available at this time. Each major sponsor will receive a four second Full Frame Impression at the beginning of the film during the opening sequence, as well as a second impression of your name. Please see the example below for how the Opening Credits will appear...


Additional Benefits of Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will also be instrumental in the creation of a sound track with major popular artists part of the Cannabis Prisoners Project. Fifty percent of the proceeds of the sale of the soundtrack will go to non profit legal firms willing to reopen cases of those that received harsh prison sentences for cannabis related offense to see if their sentences can be reduced in the light of new less punitive laws and returned them to their families.  

To find out more about pricing and the benefits of sponsorship, contact us at 415.297.9387 or send us an email via our Contact pageTogether we can do this!


Christopher Dienstag and the Production Team of Black Sheep Films