Branding & Dispensary Sponsorship

Download the Sponsorship Packet

Your dispensary or collective will be featured in the end credits as a supporter of the first film in history that ever dramatized the need for cannabis as medicine. This is the first time in history this has ever been done. Sponsors can also select to have their logo to appear in the opening of the film OR as a dedicated full screen impression at the end of the film. Dispensaries and Collectives will also have the opportunity to sponsor screenings throughout the country.

End Crawl Placement Options

There are two options to have your logo presented in the end crawl. Each leaves a four second impression with the audience. The Full Impression (as with Utopia Farms below) fills the screen for a full four seconds before fading out, or there is the Crawling Impression with your color logo and name across half the screen crawling for approoximately four seconds. The video clip below shows examples of each:


To find out more about pricing and the benefits of sponsorship, contact us at 530.446.1135 or send us an email via our Contact pageTogether we can do this!


Christopher Dienstag and the Production Team of Black Sheep Films