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Our cannabis investment is not subject to powdery mildew, bugs, weather, regulations, permitting, any interstate or national distributions restrictions, is tax deductible, and completely legal! This is a tremendous opportunity for the right person who wants to invest in cannabis and the world of entertainment.

When we first released The Moneytree our per-screen average (tickets sold on a single screen in a week) with a bare minimum advertising budget during a national cannabis prohibition  - was in today dollars $ 30,000. A Major Studio would love to have a film with that kind of average.

Fast forward to today; completely digitally re-master from camera negative (looking light years better than the original), re-edited for a modern audience, all new Dolby 5.1 surround mix (original mix was in mono) all new killer music – reggae, world beat, jazz and rock and roll. We are also adding a voice over, shifting the context from the present time looking back to the days of prohibition. 

A voice over adds a whole new narrative, really deepens the story. Think Forest Gump, Fight Club or The Grand Budapest.

The Moneytree – Final Trim is a totally reimagined movie. Now released in a growing cannabis friendly culture, where two thirds of Americans want legalization. Broadly distributed with a coordinated advertising, social medial and PR campaign the potential return on investment is tremendous. A small roll out of 100 screens @ 30,000 is a 3,000,000 opening week. The more screens the more money. 

Many of our favorite movies found their audience and became wildly financially successful only after being re-released theatrically or on video like… The Wizard of Oz, Blade Runner, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, The Big Lebowski and Dazed and Confused to name a few. 

The Moneytree never had a “real” video release. Only 500 VHS’s ever went out into the world. There was no Netflix or Amazon Prime or any kind of downloadable or streaming platforms at the time. Of that 500 copies the first two went to Mitch Lowe.

When Christopher made his first pitch for The Moneytree I was unconvinced it would rent. He gave me two free copies to see if anybody would rent it. A week later I bought ten more copies. The Moneytree became one of the most often rented and stolen movies in any of my stores.
— Mitch Lowe, cofounder of Netflix & former President of Redbox

Then of course there are all the ancillary and foreign markets. The Moneytree – Final Trim is a very unique film with huge potential. This tantalizing slice of Americana will grab the imagination of viewers from across the nation and around the world! 

Please contact us we’re making deals.  


Christopher Dienstag and the Production Team of Black Sheep Films