The Team

Meet the Team behind the re-release of The Moneytree - Final Trim


Beautiful Existence
Director of Social Media

No stranger to online engagement, Beautiful Existence has pushed the edge of online marketing as a Multi-media Internet company owner and Internationally known brand influencer since its first forms on AOL and MySpace to the current FB, IG, and multiple social media platform choices. A breast-cancer survivor utilizing cannabis as part of her holistic regimen, Beautiful's dedication to sharing the plant's knowledge, education and enjoyment is a top priority in her life and matched with her love of adventure, you can find any one of Beautiful's #CannabisLifestyle travels on her IG account.

Greg Wilker
Public Relations

Greg was the publicist for The Moneytree when it was originally was released, securing reviews and interviews in print, radio and TV in major markets across these not so united states. He is uniquely over qualified to pitch The Moneytree and Cannabis Prisoners Project to the world and has promoted six other films’ theatrical release including Bill W., Beauty Is Embarrassing and It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl.


Erik Foreman
Sound Supervisor

Erik is an Emmy award-winning consummate professional in the world of motion picture sound.  Erik has sharpened his mad skills at Skywalker Sound for over sixteen years, as a designer sound, recordist, editor and mixer on major studio films, indie docs, narratives and video games. He is currently a senior sound engineer at Dolby Labs working in the further development of DOLBY’s revolutionary 3D sound experience ATMOS. Here are just a few of his film credits: Monster’s Inc., Birth of a Nation, Star Wars – Old Republic, Skyrim, East Side Sushi, There Will Be Blood, Beast of the Southern Wild, Basmati Blues, The Simpson Movie

Teri Cundall
Chief Instigator

Teri champions the undeniable thesis that marketing and branding have the power to shape social attitudes; and that speaking about ones self in the 3rd person is just good, clean literary fun. She has spent 20 years in media production and community building under the umbrella of ProductionvilleSF.


Scott Valentino
Web & Promotion

Scott has a diverse background as a writer, educator and designer in public, private, nonprofit and international arenas. Scott's understanding of local issues and interpersonal dynamics help him to weave the fabric of community between organizations and individuals around the world.