The Moneytree is a film about one of life’s most basic choices – do you work for a bank for thirty years to get the money you want, or do you just rob the bank? 

David, the protagonist in this action comedy, is a clandestine cultivator of the notorious Weed De Mal – in other words he grows pot for a living. His best friend, Chad tells him he’s stupid and that “’s for small-time suckers.” His girlfriend thinks he’s crazy, but David likes what he’s doing and can’t see the harm in it, exposing the hypocrisy of the time that sadly persists today.

Alcohol has destroyed more lives than any drug in history, yet it is available on every street corner. Have you ever seen anyone lying in the gutter with a joint in his hand?
— David

Things start to come apart when David’s good buddy is busted at LAX, and yet another friend meets a fate far nastier than an encounter with the police. David knows he should pull out, but somehow the thought seems 'dishonorable' and he goes on, hoping to pull it off in the last few frames. It takes courage to become free, and David reminds us that freedom begins in your own backyard. Take the first step by becoming a sponsor!

Note: Among its many innovations, all the dialogue in The Moneytree was improvised by the actors working with the director.